Inside Dubai's Top Car Workshop 800 BATTERY: Your Ideal Stop

800 BATTERY™ is Dubai's car service gem with a 13,000 sq ft area blending tradition and modern tech. It offers a welcoming lounge, advanced diagnostics, expert maintenance, and specialized areas for tires, batteries, and fluids. The workshop prioritizes safety, and continual learning, and uses high-quality parts, catering to all cars including luxury models. Customer stories highlight exceptional service and trust.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Dubai's automotive sector, are markable 13,000 sq ft car service oasis awaits at 800 BATTERY™. This is more than a repair workshop; it's a harmonious meld of tradition and modernity, devoted to delivering unparalleled vehicle care. Join us for an exclusive exploration of what sets this establishment apart as the top choice for car servicing in Dubai.

First Impressions: Reception and Client Comfort Zone

Enter 800 BATTERY™ and immediately feel the fusion of professionalism and warmth. The welcoming reception area transitions smoothly into a comfortable client lounge, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments. It's an environment where car owners can unwind, assured their vehicles are in expert hands.

Revolutionary Diagnostic Technology

A cornerstone of800 BATTERY™ is its state-of-the-art diagnostic center. Here, a fusion of advanced technology and expert oversight ensures faultless detection and diagnostics, leaving no issue unnoticed.

The Magic of Maintenance Bays

The extensive maintenance bays are where skilled technicians bring their expertise to bear. Every repair, from minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls, is executed with a focus on perfection, ensuring vehicles depart in impeccable condition.

Specialized Service Areas

  1. Tire Care Center: Tailored to Dubai's unique driving conditions, this center provides tire alignment, balancing, and replacement, ensuring your safety and comfort on the road.
  2. Battery Hub: True to our name, we specialize in battery maintenance, offering the ideal battery solutions for optimal vehicle performance.
  3. Oil and Fluids Section: Customized for Dubai's climate, this area ensures the right oils and fluids are used, maintaining peak vehicle performance under all conditions.

The High-Quality Parts Store

Our commitment to excellence extends to our parts store, stocked exclusively with genuine, top-tier parts from trusted manufacturers, guaranteeing only the best for your vehicle.

Continual Learning: Our Training Facility

Education is a priority in a corner of our facility dedicated to ongoing training. Here, our team stays abreast of the latest in automotive technology and repair methods.

Prioritizing Safety: Fire and Safety Measures

Recognizing the importance of safety in our line of work, our facility is equipped with advanced fire detection and suppression systems. Regular staff training ensures adherence to the highest safety standards.

Your Questions, Answered

  • Advance Booking: Yes, we offer easy booking options online and by phone.
  • Luxury Car Services: Our facility and team are fully equipped to provide exceptional care for luxury and exotic vehicles.

Client Testimonials

  • Rashid's Story: A loyal client, Rashid entrusts his luxury car collection to us, lauding our meticulous care and personalized approach.
  • Nadia's Experience: Impressed by our service transparency and advanced diagnostics, Nadia found solutions to long-standing vehicle issues.


While Dubai has many car service options,800 BATTERY™ stands out with its unique combination of advanced technology, expert knowledge, and customer-focused services. It's a sanctuary where cars are revitalized, blending pristine condition with peak performance.

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